Friedrich Roithmayr

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This article presents a classification method that makes possible the detection of important decision strategies that people use in nonrisky multiattribute decision tasks. The classification method incorporates a multimethod approach that combines elements of both structural modeling and process tracing. We begin with a discussion of nine common(More)
Der Wirtschaftsinformatik wird ein unsauberer Umgang mit ihrer Fachsprache unterstellt, insbesondere wird die Verwendung von Anglizismen kritisiert. Zudem beschäftigt sich die Wirtschaftsinformatik häufig mit Moden, die nur kurzfristig von Relevanz sind und kaum zum langfristigen Erkenntnisfortschritt beitragen. Aufbauend auf einer Studie von Peter Mertens(More)
Both from the perspective of practitioners as well as from an academic point of view, e-government has gained considerable momentum in the past years. However, in order to create a sound e-government body of knowledge much research work still has to be done. This paper reports on the findings of the use of the structured-case approach to investigate the(More)
IN THIS PAPER WE INTRODUCE A NEW GENERATION OF LANGUAGE TRAINERS intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) with human appearance and the capability to teach foreign language vocabulary. We report results from studies that we have conducted with Billie, an IVA employed as a vocabulary trainer, as well as research findings on the acceptance of the agent as a trainer(More)
Pedagogical agents (PAs) are virtual characters in computer-based learning environments. PAs can train humans in various domains. Here, a PA cues subjects to learn vocabulary items through enactment, i.e., to perform an illustrative gesture while learning a word. It is well known that enactment impacts memory. Also, imitation is a natural mechanism driving(More)
BRP-Rotax, ein Unternehmen von Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP), ist ein weltweit führender Entwickler und Hersteller von innovativen Hochleistungsmotoren für Freizeitprodukte mit Fertigungsstätten in Österreich und Mexiko. Der vorliegende Artikel beschreibt in Form einer deskriptiven Fallstudie den Prozess der Einführung des(More)