Friedrich Roithmayr

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Die Forschungsberichte der Institute für Wirtschaftsinformatik dienen der Darstellung vorläufiger Ergebnisse z. B. Projektberichte und Zwischenergebnisse, die i. d. R. für spätere Veröffentlichungen überarbeitet werden. Die Autoren sind für kritische Hinweise dankbar. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Research reports comprise preliminary results, e.g. project(More)
IN THIS PAPER WE INTRODUCE A NEW GENERATION OF LANGUAGE TRAINERS intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) with human appearance and the capability to teach foreign language vocabulary. We report results from studies that we have conducted with Billie, an IVA employed as a vocabulary trainer, as well as research findings on the acceptance of the agent as a trainer(More)
We present two neuroscience experiments that have major implications for HCI research: First, we discuss a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) study by Sanfey et al. (2003) who investigated brain activities of players of the Ultimatum Game. It was found that participants had a stronger emotional reaction to unfair offers from humans than to the(More)