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Haloperidol (1 a), a dopamine (D(2)) receptor antagonist, is in clinical use as an antipsychotic agent. Carbon/silicon exchange (sila-substitution) at the 4-position of the piperidine ring of 1 a (R(3)COH --> R(3)SiOH) leads to sila-haloperidol (1 b). Sila-haloperidol was synthesized in a new multistep synthesis, starting from tetramethoxysilane and taking(More)
The neurotoxic side effects observed for the neuroleptic agent haloperidol have been associated with its pyridinium metabolite. In a previous study, a silicon analog of haloperidol (sila-haloperidol) was synthesized, which contains a silicon atom instead of the carbon atom in the 4-position of the piperidine ring. In the present study, the phase I(More)
236 Introduction: 750 Discussion: 1155 1 Abbreviations used are: m/z, mass-to-charge ratio; HLM, human liver microsome; RLM, rat liver microsome; CYP, cytochrome P450, UDPGA, uridine 5’-diphosphoglucuronic acid This article has not been copyedited and formatted. The final version may differ from this version. DMD Fast Forward. Published on October 7, 2009(More)
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