Friedrich Nürnberger

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In the CNS, where Ca(2+) overload has been established as a mechanism contributing to neuronal damage associated with excitotoxicity, stroke and ischemia, there is interest in understanding the role of calpain inhibition in rescuing neurons from death. In these settings, the activation of large stores of latent calpain may rapidly lead to the demise of the(More)
The adenoma of the nipple (syn.: erosive adenomatosis, papillary adenoma, florid papillomatosis) is a benign tumour of the major nipple ducts and presents chiefly as an eroded oozing and crusted lesion with serous or sanguineous discharge of the nipple or as an indurated nodule. The lesion can be mistaken clinically for Paget's disease of the nipple. The(More)
Seven patients with generalized vitiligo were treated with 100 mg/kg body weight phenylalanine in combination with UV-A. A 20% repigmentation of the vitiligenous area was achieved in only one patient. Three patients each showed either a sparse follicular repigmentation or no effect at all. Because of the disappointing therapeutic results and possible side(More)
In a 33-year-old HIV-positive homosexual male suffering from unexplained headache, cryptococcosis was diagnosed in a progressive secondary stage. After treatment with the standard combination therapy of amphotericin B + flucytosine for 34 d, the patient was clinically symptom-free and discharged, upon his own request, from the hospital. He remained under(More)
Lymphocytes and fibroblasts of an XX male were investigated to evaluate the etiology of this trait. DNA extracted from lymphocytes was digested with restriction endonucleases to probe for male specific DNA. There was no indication of such DNA fragments. The X-linked steroid sulfatase showed an activity of female controls while H-Y antigen was found in(More)