Friedrich Miescher

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Thank you for submitting your manuscript for consideration by the EMBO Journal. It has now been seen by three referees whose comments are enclosed. As you will see, all three referees express interest in your work and are broadly in favour of publication here, pending satisfactory revision. The most critical point here is that raised by both referees 1 and(More)
Tenascin-C is an adhesion-modulatory extracellular matrix molecule that is highly expressed in tumors. To investigate the effect of tenascin-C on tumor cells, we analyzed its antiadhesive nature and effect on tumor cell proliferation in a fibronectin context. Glioblastoma and breast carcinoma cell adhesion was compromised by a mixed fibronectin/tenascin-C(More)
In applications of bioinformatics and text processing, such as splice site recognition and spam detection, large amounts of training sequences are available and needed to achieve sufficiently high prediction performance on classification or regression tasks. Although kernel-based methods such as SVMs often achieve state-of-the-art results, training and(More)
Introduction Activation of cell growth through G-proteincoupled serpentine receptors or through tyrosine kinase receptors is mediated intracellularly by a family of recently described serine/threonine kinases [ 1, 21. One such kinase is p70'", which is involved in modulating the level of the ribosomal protein S6 phosphorylation [ 11. Recent cloning of(More)
Die Resultate der auf meine Veranlassung vorgenommenen Untersuehungen der Herren E g g e r , S u t e r , V e i l l o n und K a r c h e r , ganz besonders diejenigen der letzteren drei Herren, waren fiir reich in hohem Grade interessant. Die fast mathematische Sieherheit, mit welcher die Uebersiedelung nach einem hiiher gelegenen Orte eine Reaction yon(More)
The proper number and distribution of stomata are essential for the efficient exchange of gases between the atmosphere and the aerial parts of plants. We show that the density and development of stomatal complexes on the epidermis of Arabidopsis thaliana leaves depend, in part, on the microRNA-mediated regulation of Agamous-like16 (AGL16 ), which is a(More)
Thank you for submitting your research manuscript (EMBOJ-2012-83478) to our editorial office. Please find enclosed the comments of two of the three reviewers whom we had asked to evaluate your research for The EMBO Journal. Unfortunately, I still have not heard back from the third referee despite her/his promises. However, given the present comments I can(More)
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