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Tobacco smoking represents a leading cause of morbidity and mortality with a strong dose-response relation between the amount of smoking and the risks of tobacco-related diseases and death. The quantity that is smoked is determined predominantly by genetic factors. The present study examined whether there is an association between the quantity of cigarettes(More)
The increase in the detection rate for premalignant changes of bronchial epithelium was studied in 56 symptom-free volunteers from the risk group of Czech uranium miners (mean age 50.69 years, mean WLM 21.06 (1 Working Level Month is equal to the absorption of latent energy of 2.08 x 10(-5) J/m(3) in one month, i.e. 170 working hours)) by the additional(More)
  • F Wurst
  • 1976
The term "Gespür" frequently used by H. ASPERGER is analyzed by the author. Predispositions for perceptual abilities and formal interpretation of expression and behavior, their ontogenetic and phylogenetic background are examined as well as defects (lack of sensitivity for expression), and their consequences for subjects involved. The questions of(More)
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