Friedrich-M Wurst

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Flavonoid analysis and supplementation experiments with dihydroflavonols and leucocyanidin on two cyanic, two acyanic and one white/red-variegated flowering strain of Dianthus caryophyllus (carnation) showed that in the acyanic strains recessive alleles (aa) of the gene A interrupt the anthocyanin pathway between dihydroflavonols and leucoanthocyanidins.(More)
The yellow colour of Chrysanthemum segetum petals is due to the presence of the 7-O-glucosides of quercetin and particularly gossypetin (8-hydroxyquercetin). In petal extracts of C. segetum an enzyme was demonstrated which catalyzes the transfer of the glucosyl moiety of uridine 5'-diphosphoglucose (UDPG) to the 7-hydroxyl group of flavonols with gossypetin(More)
Tobacco smoking represents a leading cause of morbidity and mortality with a strong dose-response relation between the amount of smoking and the risks of tobacco-related diseases and death. The quantity that is smoked is determined predominantly by genetic factors. The present study examined whether there is an association between the quantity of cigarettes(More)
The increase in the detection rate for premalignant changes of bronchial epithelium was studied in 56 symptom-free volunteers from the risk group of Czech uranium miners (mean age 50.69 years, mean WLM 21.06 (1 Working Level Month is equal to the absorption of latent energy of 2.08 x 10(-5) J/m(3) in one month, i.e. 170 working hours)) by the additional(More)
As some authors suspect that ozone influences the metabolic process of fat, we tried to analyse the influence of an ozone-oxygen gas which was applied parenterally. 40 patients with gynecological cancer received 10 ml ozone-oxygen gas with a content of 450 gamma ozone and venous blood was removed before and 10 minutes after application. The serum was(More)
We examined the activity of beta-glucuronidase in serum and urine in two different patient groups with carcinoma of the bladder. In one group the tumour was excised totally, in the other group tumour material was left. There was no correlation to be found between extension of the tumour and enzyme activity, or between the enzyme levels in urine and serum.(More)
In the course of postoperative fractionated radiation therapy hydroxyproline was evaluated as a biochemical parameter of radiation damage in 60 patients with different tumour diseases. At different times before, during and after therapy, hydroxyproline in serum was evaluated according to the method of Dabew and Struck, hydroxyproline in urine according to(More)
Synopsis Water resistance of sun protection products has been found to be best determined by the following methods: (1) Tests for determining UVL filter adherence to merino wool; this gives a rough value for orientation. Values in excess of 6% are suggestive of satisfactory adherence. (2) Tests for determining water resistance of sunscreen products on pig(More)
Archival biopsy materials from 20 randomly selected asymptomatic volunteers from the Czech uranium miners (CZ UM) risk group (n=98) were examined for p21 and ki-67 immunostatning. There were 16 areas with normal respiratory epithelium and 22 areas with bronchial intra-epithelial neoplasia (IEN). Normal and IEN areas were identified by autofluorescence(More)