Friedrich Möller

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BACKGROUND Sequence comparison by alignment is a fundamental tool of molecular biology. In this paper we show how a number of sequence comparison tasks, including the detection of unique genomic regions, can be accomplished efficiently without an alignment step. Our procedure for nucleotide sequence comparison is based on shortest unique substrings. These(More)
After the sequencing of the human genome, the publication of the genome of our nearest relative, the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) provided groundbreaking data improving the understanding of the recent human evolution. There are about forty million changes, most of them single nucleotide substitutions, which teach us about ourselves, both in terms of(More)
BACKGROUND Sequence comparison faces new challenges today, with many complete genomes and large libraries of transcripts known. Gene annotation pipelines match these sequences in order to identify genes and their alternative splice forms. However, the software currently available cannot simultaneously compare sets of sequences as large as necessary(More)
High throughput sampling of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) has generated huge collections of transcripts that are difficult to compare with each other using existing tools for sequence matching. The major problem is lack of computer memory. We therefore present a new exact and memory efficient algorithm for the simultaneous identification of matching(More)
The surprisingly low number of about 25,000 genes in the human genome [1] confirmed a fairly accurate estimate given by King and Jukes in 1969 based on population genetical arguments [2]. On the other hand, the number of different transcripts vastly exceeds gene number. This fact intensified the search for alternatively spliced genes. Recent results(More)
  • F Möller
  • 1983
Connected with the elaboration of the sanitary norm of cadmium in soil were performed examinations to appoint the self-purification index. This index is the highest permissible concentration of a noxious chemical substance in soil not yet injuring irreversible the process of natural self-purification. As criterions of the self-purification were selected(More)