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BACKGROUND Blank cartridge handguns are generally underestimated in their capacity to inflict serious and potentially life threatening injuries. The predominant reasons for these injuries are suicide or suicide attempts, followed by accidental injuries. METHODS A series of 26 gas gunshots to the neurocranium is presented. The injury pattern relevant to(More)
The effects of 4-week periods of treatment, with equivalent doses of acebutolol (500 mg daily) and pindolol (15 mg daily), on plasma noradrenaline, adrenaline, and dopamine, and oxygen uptake at rest, during submaximal steady-state exercise and maximal exercise, and 5 min after exercise, were studied in 11 moderately hypertensive men aged 26-40 years, using(More)
Beta-receptor antagonists lower exercise heart rate and cardiac output, and can thus be expected to interfere with oxygen transport, and hence physical performance, particularly at higher levels of activity. Therefore, the effects of a 4-week and 15-month treatment period with the beta 1-selective receptor blocker acebutolol (500 mg daily) on oxygen uptake(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the influence of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) on 24-h BP. SETTING Sleep laboratory of the Medical Department, Neukölln Hospital, Berlin, Germany. METHODS In 93 subjects, noninvasive 24-h BP monitoring was performed with BP recordings made at 15-min intervals. Apnea severity was evaluated by means of a portable device that allows(More)
Release of catecholamines, a Ca2(+)-dependent process, is the most useful biochemical marker in the diagnosis of neuroblastoma. Unfortunately, its stimulus is still unknown. We found that vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP), in addition to acetylcholine and muscarine (but not nicotine), causes elevation of the cytoplasmic Ca2(+)-concentration in the(More)