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This paper focuses on the analysis of group evolution events in networks of face-to-face proximity. First, we analyze statistical properties of group evolution, e.g., individual activity and typical group sizes. Furthermore, we define a set of specific group evolution events. We analyze these using real-world data collected at the LWA 2010 conference using(More)
The ingenious division and suture of the mesial crura of the lower lateral cartilages devised by Goldman has found little utilization in recent years, even by surgeons familiar and experienced with this procedure. However, in secondary rhinoplasty, many of the disadvantages inherent in the Goldman tip can be turned to the surgeon's advantage and used to(More)
This report presents our experience with nasopharyngeal complications of UPPP in 85 patients undergoing the procedure from May, 1982 to January, 1985. Three patients developed nasopharyngeal stenosis and one patient developed permanent velopharyngeal insufficiency. Surgical management in two patients with nasopharyngeal stenosis resulted in adequate(More)
As a part of the work of the German Commission for the Prevention of Pollution of the River Rhine biological test automats are developed and proved in a research project. The joint project "Development, Testing and Implementation of Biotests for the Monitoring of the River Rhine" sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology (BMFT) and the(More)
  • F Krebs
  • 1992
Luminescent bacteria (Photobacterium phosphoreum) may be used, on the one hand, for classical toxicity tests based on the inhibition of respiration or growth and, on the other hand, their luminescence itself may become the test criterion. Such a luminescence inhibition test is commonly called a luminescent bacteria test. It may be conducted with fresh(More)
The surgery of hyperparathyroidism can be technically very difficult, even for an experienced surgeon. Until the present decade, preoperative localization procedures were of little help because of poor resolution of imaging modalities, significant morbidity, and the cost of invasive procedures. The efficacy of preoperative high-resolution CT scanning was(More)
Contrary to what is frequently stated in the literature, preoperative localization of parathyroid adenomas is important. Surgery limited to removal of the adenoma is associated with significantly less morbidity than when bilateral exploration is undertaken. In fact, a 2 to 12 fold decrease in post-operative hypocalcemia has been reported when the surgical(More)