Friedrich Krebs

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This paper focuses on the analysis of group evolution events in networks of face-to-face proximity. First, we analyze statistical properties of group evolution, e.g., individual activity and typical group sizes. Furthermore, we define a set of specific group evolution events. We analyze these using real-world data collected at the LWA 2010 conference using(More)
(1) EMG investigations in 17 female manic-depressive patients under long-term treatment with lithium salts showed a reduction of the maximal motor nerve conduction velocity (NCV) and of the duration of isolated potentials (IPs) in six cases. These changes, however, were not clearly due to the influence of lithium only. Psychopathology, additional(More)
Conventional fish flow through chamber tests respond only to massive injury of the animals. For this reason an indication of certain contaminants in sublethal concentrations is often impossible. The multi-parameter fish test described here aims to increase the test sensitivity in the sublethal range. The highly automated system allows to quantify and assess(More)
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