Friedrich Keller

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There is considerable evidence showing that the human sentence processor is guided by lexical preferences in resolving syntactic ambiguities. Several types of preferences have been identified, including morphological, syntactic, and semantic ones. However, the literature fails to provide a uniform account of what lexical preferences are and how they should(More)
To study the in vitro susceptibility of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) to hepatitis C virus (HCV), we incubated cells from healthy donors with HCV-positive sera. Using RT-PCR and in situ hybridization, the genomic viral RNA was detected in PBMC and in their supernatants until 25 days post-incubation. The PBMC of the different donors were not all(More)
Intravenous drug abusers represent a high risk group for HIV infection in Europe and North America. Although the use of blood-contaminated needles undoubtedly constitutes the main factor of transmission of the virus, an effect of the drug itself either on the immune system or on virus replication, thus favouring the initiation of the infection, may not be(More)
Methods to check the antiviral activities of mononuclear phagocytes or macrophages are described. Two types of antiviral activities are defined. The intrinsic antiviral activity is determined as the outcome of virus replication in the macrophage per se whereas the extrinsic antiviral activity refers to the ability to reduce virus production in other(More)
Kupffer cells isolated from the liver of normal rats were checked for their antiviral activities. The intrinsic antiviral effect against vaccinia virus was high whether the cells were activated in vitro with endotoxin or not. The expression of the extrinsic antiviral activity measured by mixing isolated Kupffer cells with vaccinia-virus-infected target(More)
Studies of the in vivo multiplication of an attenuated temperature-sensitive strain of vaccinia virus (ts2) indicated that temperature sensitivity alone could not account for the attenuation. Immunodepressive treatment of intracerebrally inoculated mice had a dramatic stimulatory effect on the multiplication of the attenuated strain and suggested that(More)
Family members in multiple generations of an Irish-American family were investigated for moderate to severe microcytic anaemia, inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion. A novel frameshift mutation of the beta globin gene was discovered. This study highlights the importance of considering dominantly inherited beta thalassemia in the investigation of(More)
Synaptosomes isolated from the electric organ of Torpedo marmorata contain activity of an ATPase which is located at the extracellular face of the plasma membrane. Ecto-ATPase activity can be stimulated independently and to a similar extent by either Ca-2+ or Mg-2+. Apparent Km-values for ATP are 79 microM and 53 microM for Ca-2+ and Mg-2+ respectively.(More)