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Significant positive effects could be achieved in a placebo-controlled double-blind study through the administration of 800 mg of garlic powder over a period of four weeks. Spontaneous thrombocyte aggregation disappeared, the microcirculation of the skin increased by 47.6% (from 0.63 +/- 0.13 to 0.93 +/- 0.22 mm/s), plasma viscosity decreased by 3.2% (from(More)
The new scanning laser technique allows one to quantify the retinal microcirculation. A digital image analysing system was used to study capillary blood flow velocities and morphological parameters of perifoveal intercapillary areas and foveal avascular zones in normal and diabetic subjects. Diabetic patients showed a significant reduction in capillary(More)
Cardiovascular implants are increasingly important in regenerative medicine. To improve the safety and function of blood-contacting implants a major need exists for new polymer-based biomaterials that avoid adverse reactions, particularly thrombotic events. This review is aimed to summarize the multi-stepped and interlinked processes leading to a thrombus(More)
OBJECTIVE Magnetocardiography (MCG) as a noninvasive, noncontact and risk-free diagnostic method predicts ischemic coronary artery disease (CAD) in patients with acute chest pain at admission with high accuracy. However, it remains unclear whether MCG findings can add prognostic information. METHOD A cohort of 402 consecutive patients presenting at the(More)
Endothelialisation of polymer-based cardiovascular implants is one strategy to render biomaterials hemocompatible. The evaluation of the functionality and the confluence of an endothelial cell (EC) monolayer in vitro is therefore of crucial importance, because a non-functional or non-confluent EC monolayer can contribute to the failure of vascular grafts.(More)
AIM To establish the extent to which contrast enhancement with SonoVue in combination with quantitative evaluation of contrast-medium dynamics facilitates the detection of hepatic tumors. METHODS One hundred patients with histologically confirmed malignant or benign hepatic tumor (maximum size 5 cm) were analyzed. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (bolus(More)
In the framework of this study quantitative parameters are presented which, derived from magnetocardiographic maps, aid in making a conclusion about ischemia in the myocardium. The analysis is based on the examination of 86 patients with unstable angina, of which 53 exhibited myocardial ischemia with high probability (Group I: angiographically proven(More)
Despite considerable efforts in biomaterial development there is still a lack on substrates for cardiovascular tissue engineering approaches which allow the establishment of a tight a functional endothelial layer on their surface to provide hemocompatibility. The study aimed to test the biocompatibility of a silicon (Si14)-based coating substrate(More)
We describe a newly developed multi-function video image analysis system for the computer-aided evaluation of capillaroscopic findings in microcirculation research. The Cap image analysis system comprises an IBM-compatible PC with a Matrox image processing card and real-time video tape digitalization. The video recorder is driven by a personal computer to(More)