Friedrich F E Randow

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This study investigated the suitability of meconium as a matrix to reflect potential fetal exposure to organochlorine and its metabolites. With GC/MS methods, the process for separating and extracting meconium was explored repeatedly. The internal standard method and external standard method were introduced, and the ideal calibration curve (r=0.9885) for(More)
Accidents of the city gasworks in the end of the fifties at Schwaan, a small town south of Rostock, resulted in an emission of tar and waste water into the river Warnow, from which the city of Rostock is supplied with drinking water about 20 km downstream. The tar contaminated river sediment (old deposit) covering an area of about 200 m2 has a high(More)
The use of the pesticides DDT and lindane as wood preservatives causes indoor air contamination and subsequently exposure of the occupants of these rooms. As hair acts as a passive sampler for air contaminants, we tested pesticide concentrations in hair measured by the GC/MS technique. A comparison of the DDT and lindane concentrations in hair samples of(More)
By the gas plant at Schwaan (a small city near Rostock), tar and other by-products were released into the river Warnow which supplies Rostock with drinking water 20 km downstream. The tar-contaminated river sediment contained phenols and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), indicating a mutagenic potential. Investigations in the catchment area and on(More)
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