Friedrich Breier

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There is wide divergence of opinion between physicians regarding the use of serological measures for the diagnosis and treatment of erythema migrans, the hallmark of Lyme borreliosis. We studied the outcome of an enzyme immunoassay and immunoblot (Western blot) used on the sera of patients who had suffered tick bite and erythema migrans, and had been(More)
Juvenile hyaline fibromatosis (JHF) is inherited as a fatal autosomal recessive disorder characterised by multiple tumorous mucocutaneous proliferations. In this paper a 14 month old girl with JHF is described. For this condition, a malfunction of collagen synthesis is considered as the pathogenetic cause. Recently published data have revealed an absent(More)
A 64-year-old woman presented with bullous and ulcerating lichen sclerosus et atrophicus (LSA) on the neck, trunk, genital and perigenital area and the extremities. Histology of lesional skin showed the typical manifestations of LSA; in one of the biopsies spirochaetes were detected by silver staining. Despite treatment with four courses of ceftriaxone with(More)
BACKGROUND Schönlein-Henoch purpura is a systemic vasculitis that affects vessels of a small caliber and rarely reported in the literature. CASE PRESENTATION We report on a 35-year-old woman who developed palpable purpura with necrotizing cutaneous lesions on the lower limbs at 27 weeks of gestation. She also complained of epigastric pain and arthralgias.(More)
Juvenile hyaline fibromatosis is a rare disorder characterised by multiple subcutaneous tumours, gum hypertrophy, muscle weakness, and flexion contractures of the large joints. Histology shows an abundance of a homogenous, amorphous, acidophilic extracellular matrix in which spindle shaped cells are embedded forming minute streaks. It has been previously(More)
Acute and chronic radiation-induced dermatitis can occur after high doses of ionizing radiation of the skin. We describe a patient with a long-lasting radiotherapy-induced ulcer that healed after low-intensity laser therapy. A video measuring system was used to determine the number of dermal vessels in the ulcer before and after laser treatment. We found a(More)
A 45-year-old man presented with circumscribed scleroderma (CS) on the extremities. Histology of lesional skin showed the typical manifestations of scleroderma including a perivascular and interstitial infiltrate of lymphocytes and plasma cells; in one of the biopsies spirochaetes could be detected. Despite treatment with penicillin, progression of CS was(More)
Sarcoidosis is a granulomatous disease of unknown etiology, which may affect multiple organ systems. The skin is involved in up to one-third of cases. The development of granulomatous lesions within tattoos is a well-recognized phenomenon in patients with sarcoidosis. The characteristic histology shows non-caseating granulomas; however similar findings may(More)
An open, randomized, prospective study was carried out to compare the clinical efficacy and safety of phenoxymethylpenicillin with that of minocycline in the treatment of erythema migrans. Sixty patients (minocycline 30, penicillin 30) were enrolled in the study. The two groups of patients were statistically homogeneous regarding age and sex distribution.(More)
Primary cutaneous mucinous carcinoma (MC) is a rare epithelial neoplasm derived from the sweat glands. Herein, we report a case of MC located on the head. A 66-year-old woman underwent excision of a nodular tumor with a reddish brown surface on the left parietal region. Histopathology revealed a neoplasm extending from the reticular dermis into the(More)