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So far no national or regional studies have been published in Germany regarding the number of fatal aviation accidents and results of autopsy findings. Therefore, we evaluated all fatal aviation accidents occurring in Lower Saxony from 1979 to 1996. A total of 96 aviation accidents occurred in this period involving 73 aeroplanes. The crashes resulted in the(More)
We report on the discovery at autopsy of an unexpected cause of a crash during landing of a small sports plane with four people on board. Surprisingly, an intact bullet and fragments of the casing were found in the body of the pilot. As expected, autopsy of the other passengers predominantly revealed signs of polytraumatization. In addition, one passenger(More)
Die Tötung eines Säuglings durch ein 7-jähriges Kind in einer Pflegeeinrichtung wird kasuistisch vorgestellt. In einem unbeobachteten Moment konnte sich das 7-jährige Mädchen, bei dem eine geistige Entwicklungsstörung, einhergehend u. a. mit auto- und fremdaggressiven Verhaltensweisen, bekannt war, in das Zimmer des männlichen Säuglings begeben. Sie fügte(More)
In the case of suicidal drowning forensic examination is difficult, particularly with regard to differentiating between suicide, accident, homicide and natural death. Bondage and weighting with objects, putrescence and attendant lesions aggravate interpretation and investigation of postmortal forensic findings. In this respect, two cases of seemingly(More)
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