Friedrich A Lösel

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Social skills training for children is becoming increasingly popular as a measure for developmental crime prevention. Although previous reviews of such programs have shown positive effects, they have also revealed problems of research design, outcome measures, and long-term follow up. Accordingly, this article reports on a recent meta-analysis of randomized(More)
BACKGROUND Although bullying and delinquency share similar risk factors, no previous systematic review has ever been conducted to examine possible links between school bullying and criminal offending later in life. AIMS To investigate the extent to which bullying perpetration at school predicts offending later in life, and whether this relation holds(More)
This article discusses conceptual issues and reviews knowledge about direct and buffering protective factors in the development of youth violence. Direct protective factors predict a low probability of violence, whereas buffering protective factors predict a low probability of violence in the presence of risk (and often interact with risk factors).(More)
The article reports a systematic review of controlled outcome evaluations of psychosocial and organic sexual offender treatment. A comprehensive search of the literature in five languages revealed 80 independent comparisons between treated and untreated groups of sexual offenders ( N = 22,181). The majority of studies confirmed a positive treatment effect.(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate the extent to which bullying victimization in school predicts depression in later life and whether this relation holds after controlling for other major childhood risk factors. Design/methodology/approach – As no previous systematic review has been conducted on this topic, effect sizes are based on both(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To develop an animal model for evaluation of femtosecond laser intrastromal refractive surgery. METHODS Intrastromal photodisruption was performed in New Zealand Albino rabbits using a femtosecond laser system. This surgical pattern consisted of a 100 microm-tick pyramid of laser pulses starting 180 microm below the corneal(More)
A. R. Damasio's (1994) somatic marker hypothesis relates psychopathy to deficits in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. Using the gambling task (A. Bechara, A. R. Damasio, H. Damasio, & S. Anderson, 1994), the authors tested this premise and the role of attention as a moderator. Forty-nine male prison inmates were assessed with the Psychopathy(More)
Inappropriate parenting behavior in the family can be one of many risk factors in children's social development. Accordingly, prevention programs aim at improving parenting. The relation between parenting and problem behavior was investigated and an evaluation reported of parent training in the German prevention program EFFEKT (Entwicklungsförderung in(More)
BACKGROUND Although bullying at school is an important topic, its long-term relation to anti-social development is rarely investigated. AIM To study the relation between bullying in youth and anti-social outcomes in adulthood. METHODS A group of 63 males (bullies and victims over-sampled) from the Erlangen-Nuremberg Bullying Study were investigated at(More)