Friedjoff Trautwein

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Figure 1: measured RO echo shift ∆t versus t os (a) for different RO directions and (b) for different FOV, uncorrected and corrected with the linear approximation to the isotropic average. Table 1: coefficients for the linear approximation A* t os + B for the isotropic gradient delay ∆t t os /(10µs) ∆t / µs t os /(10µs) Introduction There is continued(More)
Image retrieval of landscape photographs requires accurate annotation using multi-faceted descriptions relating to the subject and content of the photograph. The subject of such photographs is dominantly the terrain and spatial objects visible from the photographer's viewpoint. While some spatial objects in the background may be obscured by foreground(More)
um enzymatische I ~ g ~ l i e r u n g tier 0ffnungawei te . Wie diese bier a'usgelSu~ wi rd un4 zustandekommt , :bedarf welterer~Aufl~]l~rtmg. Es 4s¢ yon groBem Interesse, d'alt ~sich &ierbei wied,er die Spa l tSf fnungen in gan, z a~g~rer W e i ~ verhal~en a]s die typisehen &sslm~htion~zel lea des B~attes; denn Molisch ~hat (1921) ~e~bachtet: I m Assi(More)
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