Friederike Preusser

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The touchscreen continuous trial-unique non-matching-to-location task (cTUNL) has been developed to optimise a battery of tasks under NEWMEDS (Novel Methods leading to New Medication in Depression and Schizophrenia, ). It offers novel task features of both a practical and a theoretical nature compared to existing touchscreen(More)
Encounters with stressors induce diverse idiosyncratic neuroendocrine, behavioral and psychological reactions across people. Perceived self-efficacy can alter autonomic responses and their effects on mental health. The beneficial effects of self-efficacy in buffering physiological arousal, enhancing performance, and diminishing psychopathological symptoms(More)
Self-efficacy has been proposed as an important element of a successful cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT). Positive changes in perceived self-efficacy have been linked to an improved adaptive emotional and behavioral responding in the context of anxiety-provoking situations. Furthermore, a positive influence of increased self-efficacy on cognitive(More)
Exposure therapy is highly effective in treating excessive fear related to specific objects and/or situations. However, patients with anxiety disorders often display a generalization of fear responses toward conceptually and perceptually related stimuli and situations. It is unclear whether the beneficial effects of exposure on fear reduction toward treated(More)
Emotions can modulate the encoding and recollection of personal events. In the present study, we investigated the effects of different emotional states (pleasant, neutral or anxious) on episodic memory formation in a virtual reality (VR) setting. Emotional states were induced by pleasant, neutral or anxiety-inducing movie clips prior to the presentation of(More)
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