Friederike Neubert

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A well-developed, healthy country girl, aged 19 years, was delivered normally of her first baby on March 6, 1957. Two days later her pupils began to dilate and she found she could not read. She had a vague history of epileptic fits and in view of certain domestic difficulties hysteria was suspected. Examination.-On March 11 her eyes were found to be fixed(More)
CASE REPORT A MAN aged 48 was admitted to hospital on April 12, 1951, with cerebral symptoms following influenza. He presented a picture similar to that of his wife who had had an attack two weeks previously and had recovered. Examination.-Upon admission he was drowsy but could be roused easily and cooperated with those who attended to him. The left frontal(More)
The various procedures used in the operative treatment of retinal detachment aim at promoting adhesive choroiditis at the retinal tear. Based' on expertmental and clinical observations, and especially on operative results, the author believes that, apart from adhesive choroiditis, it is necessary to create an adhesive episcleral reaction, the importance, of(More)
Acetazolamide (ACZ) prevents hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (HPV) in isolated lungs, animals, and humans, but not by carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibition. We studied administration routes in, and certain structural aspects of, ACZ critical to HPV inhibition. Analogs of ACZ during acute hypoxia were tested in unanesthetized dogs. Dogs breathed normoxic gas(More)