Friederich Mombers

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This paper describes the core of a video signal processor dedicated to perform MPEG-2 motion estimation and prediction selection. A mixed Hardware/Software approach based on a small RISC controller was adopted which gives flexibility and robustness in the choice of the algorithms. Hardware optimizations were investigated to implement genetic motion(More)
In this paper, the problem of defining a high performance control structure for a parallel motion estimation architecture for MPEG2 coding is addressed. Various design and architecture choices are discussed and the final architecture is described. It represents a combined MIMD-SIMD approach which is based on a small but efficient ASIP with subword(More)
A class of motion estimation VLSI architectures is presented which has been developed for the use in studio quality MPEG2 encoders. A new, fast motion estimation algorithm is applied which exploits both, temporal and spatial redundancies in motion vector fields and delivers near full search quality on large search windows. The proposed architectures are(More)
We present the design for testability approach taken for a 1.5 million transistor, MIMD based motion estimation processor for MPEG2 encoding. We briefly describe the main architecture features, followed by an analysis of the design-for-testability issues which result from it. The undertaken strategy is threefold: software controlled execution of(More)
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