Friederich Kupzog

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— Increasing electricity demand and upcoming shortages of resources, make on-line energy management like peak-load reduction and control energy provision by the demand side of the electric power system a valuable method for keeping the grid stable and efficient. For developing the next generation if these methods, a simulation environment for studying(More)
Despite the recent easing of electricity wholesale prices, the absolute level of on-peak electricity prices for most markets is tremendously high. The German on-peak electricity wholesale price is about 290% higher than six years ago, which has resulted in tariff hikes. These tariff hikes burden economies worldwide and result in higher inflation or economic(More)
—Microgrids are well-suited for electrification of remote off-grid areas. This paper sketches the concept of a plug-and-play microgrid with a minimum of configuration effort needed for setup. When the load of such an off-grid microgrid grows over the generation capacity and energy storage is not sufficient, demand has to be reduced to prevent a blackout. In(More)
This paper focuses on wide-area control systems for that Internet-based communication , although being the only economically feasible option for communication, is insufficient for reliability or transmission delay reasons. An example for such a control system is the modem electricity system, which is currently changing from the traditional hierarchical to a(More)