Friederich Kupzog

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Despite the recent easing of electricity wholesale prices, the absolute level of on-peak electricity prices for most markets is tremendously high. The German on-peak electricity wholesale price is about 290% higher than six years ago, which has resulted in tariff hikes. These tariff hikes burden economies worldwide and result in higher inflation or economic(More)
—Microgrids are well-suited for electrification of remote off-grid areas. This paper sketches the concept of a plug-and-play microgrid with a minimum of configuration effort needed for setup. When the load of such an off-grid microgrid grows over the generation capacity and energy storage is not sufficient, demand has to be reduced to prevent a blackout. In(More)
The wide utilisation of information and communication technologies is hoped to enable a more efficient and sustainable operation of electric power grids. This paper analyses the benefits of smart power grids for the integration of renewable energy resources into the existing grid infrastructure. Therefore, the concept of a smart power grid is analysed, and(More)
Automatisiertes Lastmanagement hat das Potenzial, in einem zukünftigen, mit Kommunikationsinfrastruktur ausgestattetem Stromnetz durch Verschiebung von elektrischen Lasten trotz einer hohen Dichte an erneuerbarer Erzeugung die Leistungsbalance zu gewährleisten. Dieses Paper stellt eine systematische Herangehensweise vor, die eine umfassende Bewertung und(More)