Friederich Kupzog

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— Increasing electricity demand and upcoming shortages of resources, make on-line energy management like peak-load reduction and control energy provision by the demand side of the electric power system a valuable method for keeping the grid stable and efficient. For developing the next generation if these methods, a simulation environment for studying(More)
Upcoming challenges for LV grids include a high penetration of distributed energy resources and electric vehicles. The project " DG DemoNet – Smart LV Grid " aims to enable an efficient and cost effective use of existing grid infrastructures based on a three-step concept: intelligent planning, on-line monitoring and active LV grid management.(More)
Despite the recent easing of electricity wholesale prices, the absolute level of on-peak electricity prices for most markets is tremendously high. The German on-peak electricity wholesale price is about 290% higher than six years ago, which has resulted in tariff hikes. These tariff hikes burden economies worldwide and result in higher inflation or economic(More)
The IEC 61850 standard originally was developed for the substation automation. During the last years it was adapted for the integration of distributed energy resources into communication networks. There are however specific requirements in this new field of application. Many small and midsize manufacturers are using as controllers a big variety of different(More)
—With the progress of the smart grid development and the prototyping of active control solutions supporting grid operation in the presence of a large amount of distributed generators , a design methodology for networked smart grid systems is required. This paper proposes an approach for fast system simulation and emulation-supported prototyping. A distinct(More)
—Co-simulation of different domains is the method of choice if specialised tools exist for each domain and no mono-lithic solution is available. Motivated by the need for simulation and emulation of networked smart grid systems with interlinked controller, communication and power hardware components, this paper proposes a solution for loose coupling of(More)