Frieder Krause

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OBJECTIVE To provide evidence for the existence of 6 myofascial meridians proposed by Myers based on anatomic dissection studies. DATA SOURCES Relevant articles published between 1900 and December 2014 were searched in MEDLINE (PubMed), ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar. STUDY SELECTION Peer-reviewed human anatomic dissection studies reporting(More)
Although systematic reviews are conducted in the field of anatomical research, no instruments exist for the assessment of study quality. Thus, our objective was to develop a valid tool that reliably assesses the methodological quality of observational cadaveric studies. The QUACS scale (QUality Appraisal for Cadaveric Studies) was developed using an expert(More)
The rate of new infections with tuberculosis amounting to approximately 20% among the youngest inhabitants of the town of Kayseri with a present recorded incidence of acute infectious tuberculosis of about 8:10000 makes it imperative to exercise every possible effort in disease prevention by vaccination and revaccination in addition to all other measures to(More)
Prompted by the unusually high death rate from cancer of the lungs, in 1975 in the Middle-Anatolian village of Karain, later in two other villages, X-ray screening investigations were carried out. These revealed pleural mesotheliomas similar to those seen following exposure to asbestos, although no asbestos was found neither in the village itself or in its(More)
BACKGROUND Self-myofascial release (SMR) aims to mimic the effects of manual therapy and tackle dysfunctions of the skeletal muscle and connective tissue. It has been shown to induce improvements in flexibility, but the underlying mechanisms are still poorly understood. In addition to neuronal mechanisms, improved flexibility may be driven by acute(More)
Fatigue protocols have been used over the years to examine muscular exhaustion. As an alternative to approaches in laboratory settings, functional agility protocols claiming to mimic the multifaceted loads of athletic activity have been proposed. This study aimed to examine the effects of a functional agility short-term fatigue protocol (FAST-FP) on(More)
The present review aims to provide a systematic overview on tensile transmission along myofascial chains based on anatomical dissection studies and in vivo experiments. Evidence for the existence of myofascial chains is growing, and the capability of force transmission via myofascial chains has been hypothesized. However, there is still a lack of evidence(More)