Friedemann Wenzel

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[1] The accumulation of strong earthquakes with resembling source mechanisms in the Romanian Vrancea zone, SE Carpathians, allows for designing a simple, cheep and robust earthquake early warning (EEW) system for Bucharest with leading times of about 25 s. A previously established scaling relation for EEW predicts in the range from 1–2 s a ten times higher(More)
A survey of the frequency of precipitins to the antigens of the thermophilic actinomycetes and Aspergillus species was conducted on serum samples from 1,045 farmers obtained at a 3-day exposition on modern farm equipment and farming practices in central Wisconsin. Each farmer filled out a questionnaire including socioeconomic information, lung disease(More)
We reviewed 179 patients who had undergone thoracotomy and resection of a suspected malignant coin lesion of the lung over the past 20 years to see if a policy of early thoracotomy was therapeutically valid. The average diameter of all lesions was 1.6 cm; the average diameter of 27 malignant lesions (15 percent) was 1.8 cm. Follow-up of the 27 patients with(More)