Friedemann Rohr

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Polar oxide (111) surfaces are prepared on thin films of NiO, CoO and FeO. In the limit of completely ionic rock salt type crystal structures these (111) surfaces, whether they are oxygen or metal terminated, show a tendency for reconstruction. We show that the unreconstructed polar surfaces are OH covered, and, after OH removal, the surface reconstructs.(More)
Using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), molecular-beam (MB) methods and time-resolved infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy (TR-IRAS), we investigate the mechanism of initial NO(x) uptake on a model nitrogen storage and reduction (NSR) catalyst. The model system is prepared by co-deposition of Pd metal particles and Ba-containing oxide particles(More)
A well-defined model-catalyst approach has been utilized to study the formation and decomposition of nitrite and nitrate species on a model NO(x) storage material. The model system comprises BaAl(2x)O(1+3x) particles of different size and stoichiometry, prepared under ultrahigh-vacuum (UHV) conditions on Al(2)O(3)/NiAl(110). Adsorption and reaction of NO(2)(More)
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