Friedemann Köster

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The embryonal carcinoma cell line P19 responds to treatment with retinoid acid by differentiation into neuronal cell types [2]. Using radioactively labeled cDNA derived from differentiating P19 cells we screened an adult mouse brain cDNA library and isolated a gene named shyc for selective hybridizing clone. The encoded protein did not reveal homology to(More)
During the transition period from narrowband to wideband speech transmission services, Artificial Bandwidth Extension (ABE) algorithms are able to reduce the perceptual degradation of narrowband-transmitted speech signals by extending the audio bandwidth. In this paper, we analyze whether the resulting speech quality can be predicted reliably with(More)
Most telecommunication systems are used for communication between two people which interact during a conversation. In general, the quality of conversational speech is the major indicator for telecommunication-service providers to evaluate their systems. In this context, not only the assessment of the overall quality but also the analysis of the(More)
  • Tada, Li, +24 authors M W Geminin
  • 2004
After in situ detection of Rx3 expression using Fast Red (Boehringer Mannheim) as the fluorescent substrate, phosphorylation of histone H3 at Ser 10 was revealed using a polyclonal antibody (Upstate Biotechnology, 1:1,000 dilution). Secondary anti-rabbit antibody fluorescein-conjugate was used, and embryos were analysed using a confocal microscope (Leica(More)