Friedemann H. Simon

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The proliferation of monitors and alarms in the operating room may lead to increased confusion and misdiagnosis unless the information provided is better organized. Intelligent alarm systems are being developed to organize these alarms, on the assumption that they will shorten the time anesthesiologists need to detect and correct faults. This study compared(More)
This paper draws on data gathered during a larger study of driving behaviour to explore possible connections between stress, offending against the traffic laws, and accident rates, and gives particular attention to comparisons between male and female drivers. Data were gathered from 422 drivers by a postal questionnaire, and further measures of stress were(More)
This paper sketches a rigorous correctness proof of a compiler executable. We will emphasize the central r^ ole of partial program correctness and its preservation, which captures the intuitive correct-ness requirements for transformational programs and in particular for compilers on real machines. Although often left out of sight, implementation(More)
Functional programming languages based on the lambda calculus provide a powerful programming tool. Much of this power derives from the ability to use higher order functions, that means functions having either functional arguments or a functional result. However, attempts to implement such higher order functions without any restrictions have always been(More)
We present preliminary measurements of the cross section and the double longitudinal spin asymmetry in inclusive jet production in polarized p+p collisions at √ s = 200 GeV. The measured cross section agrees well with NLO pQCD calculations over seven orders of magnitude. The observed spin asymmetries are consistent with theoretical evaluations based on(More)
The results of an inquiry conducted at 5 university eye hospitals and 9 regional centers in Switzerland, concerning services for low-vision patients, are presented. Most of the services can help these visually handicapped people, but the type of care provided varies considerably from center to center. The authors briefly review the patients examined in(More)