Fridtjof Nüsslin

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To compare intensity-modulated treatment plans of patients with head and neck cancer generated by forward and inverse planning. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten intensity-modulated treatment plans, planned and treated with a step&shoot technique using a forward planning approach, were retrospectively re-planned with an inverse planning(More)
Suitable instrumentation for laser-accelerated proton (ion) beams is critical for development of integrated, laser-driven ion accelerator systems. Instrumentation aimed at beam diagnostics and control must be applied to the driving laser pulse, the laser-plasma that forms at the target and the emergent proton (ion) bunch in a correlated way to develop these(More)
Development of molecular imaging such as positron-emission tomography (PET) offers an opportunity to optimize radiotherapy treatment planning by conforming the dose distribution to physiological details within tumors, so called dose painting. Quantification of the acquired images and an efficient and practical dose prescription remain two key questions in(More)
BACKGROUND Medical Technology (MT) provides innovative instrumentation and methods designed for the purpose of improving prevention, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation. MT rooting in science, engineering and the biosciences is characterized by its inter- and transdisciplinarity. METHOD The current status of MT is described emphasizing the five(More)
A simple technique using stereotactic needle placement for retrobulbar anesthesia is reported. The method utilizes a CT-guided stereotactic device that permits precise intraconal injection of local anesthetics; in addition, the risk of injury to muscles, vessels, eyeglobe, or optic nerve is substantially reduced.
A phantom is described which has been developed for investigating factors depending on the scanner itself and on the scanned object which potentially influence the kind and the extent of motion artefacts on the CT-image. Additionally, the phantom may be applied to qualify assurance measurements in computer tomography. A cylindrical insert mounted on a motor(More)
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