Fridrik Larusson

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We explore the development and performance of algorithms for hyperspectral diffuse optical tomography (DOT) for which data from hundreds of wavelengths are collected and used to determine the concentration distribution of chromophores in the medium under investigation. An efficient method is detailed for forming the images using iterative algorithms applied(More)
A parametric level set method (PaLS) is implemented for image reconstruction for hyperspectral diffuse optical tomography (DOT). Chromophore concentrations and diffusion amplitude are recovered using a linearized Born approximation model and employing data from over 100 wavelengths. The images to be recovered are taken to be piecewise constant and a newly(More)
We explore the use of diffuse optical tomography (DOT) for the recovery of 3D tubular shapes representing vascular structures in breast tissue. Using a parametric level set method (PaLS) our method incorporates the connectedness of vascular structures in breast tissue to reconstruct shape and absorption values from severely limited data sets. The approach(More)
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