Friderike Kuik

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We consider two topics pertaining to light scattering by circular cylinders. (A) Scattering properties of cylinders with increasing aspect ratio are studied. It is shown that the solution for finite cylinders does not converge to the solution for infinitely long cylinders if the aspect ratio increases. This is due to differences in the treatment of(More)
An experimental setup for measuring scattering matrices of various kinds of small particles is described. By using polarization modulation eight scattering-matrix elements, six of which are independent (or four in the case of spheres), can be obtained from four separate measurements. Test results for water droplets are presented as well as preliminary(More)
South Africa has one of the largest industrialized economies in Africa. Emissions of air pollutants are particularly high in the Johannesburg-Pretoria metropolitan area, the Mpumalanga Highveld and the Vaal Triangle, resulting in local air pollution. This study presents and evaluates a setup for conducting modeling experiments over southern Africa with the(More)
The potential of emissions from urban vegetation combined with anthropogenic emissions to produce ozone and particulate matter has long been recognized. This potential increases with rising temperatures and may lead to severe problems with air quality in densely populated areas during heat waves. Here, we investigate how heat waves affect emissions of(More)
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