Frida Fejne

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This work presents a method for multi-organ segmentation in whole-body CT images based on a multi-atlas approach. A robust and efficient feature-based registration technique is developed which uses sparse organ specific features that are learnt based on their ability to register different organ types accurately. The best fitted feature points are used in(More)
High computational cost is the main obstacle to adapting globally optimal branch-and-bound algorithms to intensity-based registration. Existing techniques to speed up such algorithms use a multiresolution pyramid of images and bounds on the target function among different resolutions for rigidly aligning two images. In this paper, we propose a dual(More)
This paper presents a pipeline which uses a multi-atlas approach for multiorgan segmentation in whole-body CT images. In order to obtain accurate registrations between the target and the atlas images, we develop an adapted feature-based method which uses organ specific features. These features are learnt during an offline pre-processing step, and thus the(More)
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