Fren Smulders

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The conditioning model of binge eating states that cues such as the sight, smell and taste of binge food prepare the binger's body for the intake of large amounts of food. The bodily preparations are supposed to be felt as an almost irresistible urge to binge. In the present study, the validity of the model was tested. Clinical binge eaters (bulimia nervosa(More)
One approach to understanding a complex process starts with an attempt to divide it into modules: sub-processes that are independent in some sense, and have distinct functions. In this paper, I discuss an approach to the modular decomposition of neural and mental processes. Several examples of process decomposition are presented, together with discussion of(More)
In this paper we explore how we can use technology to help people to stay motivated to do home fitnessing. Two experiments with a total of 48 participants were performed, both deploying a virtual reality in a bicycling task, one focusing of effects of immersion, the other on the intrinsic impact of movement. From the results it becomes apparent that user(More)
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