Freerk Pieter Wilbers

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With the aim of automatically generating head motions during speech utterances, analyses are conducted for verifying the relations between head motions and linguistic and paralinguistic information carried by speech utterances. Motion captured data are recorded during natural dialogue, and the rotation angles are estimated from the head marker data.(More)
An important part of natural, and therefore effective, communication is facial motion. The android Repliee Q2 should therefore display realistic facial motion. In computer graphics animation, such motion is created by mapping human motion to the animated character. This paper proposes a method for mapping human facial motion to the android. This is done(More)
Conventional search techniques are limited at solving complex queries because they work on the basis of word computations and link analysis. Semantic search promises to extend the paradigm of traditional IR from mere document retrieval to entity and knowledge retrieval by looking at the meaning of words. This MSc-thesis proposes a semantic annotation system(More)
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