Freeman Jackson

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In a multicentre double-blind randomised study, the effect of sotalol 320 mg once daily was compared with that of placebo in patients surviving an acute myocardial infarction. Treatment was started 5--14 days after infarction in 1456 patients (60% being randomised to sotalol, and 40% to placebo) who represented 45% of those evaluated for entry. Patients(More)
PURPOSE "Code Blue" is a standard term used to alertt hospital staff that a patient requires resuscitation. This study determined rates of survival from Code Blue events and the role of opioids and other factors on survival. METHODS Data derived from medical records and the Code Blue and Pharmacy databases were analyzed for factors affecting survival. (More)
Tissue auto-antibodies were investigated in fifty-one patients (twenty-five female, twenty-six male) receiving practolol for ischaemic heart disease or dysrhythmias and compared with those found in 204 patients (fifty-eight female, 146 male) with ischaemic heart disease who did not receive practolol. Antinuclear factor (ANF) was found in 24% female and 16%(More)
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