Freek D. van der Meer

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In the last decade, the fractal dimension has become a popular parameter to characterize image textures. Also in radiographs, various procedures have been used to estimate the fractal dimension. However, certain characteristics of the radiographic process, e.g., noise and blurring, interfere with the straightforward application of these estimation methods.(More)
OBJECTIVE Numerous studies have found a robust association between cannabis use and the onset of psychosis. Nevertheless, the relationship between cannabis use and the onset of early (or, in retrospect, prodromal) symptoms of psychosis remains unclear. The study focused on investigating the relationship between cannabis use and early and high-risk symptoms(More)
The usefulness of online geological maps is hindered by linguistic barriers. Multilingual geoscience thesauri alleviate linguistic barriers of geological maps. However, the benefits of multilingual geoscience thesauri for online geological maps are less studied. In this regard, we developed a multilingual thesaurus of geological time scale (GTS) to(More)