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This paper presents a statistical method for deriving optimal spatial sampling schemes. It focuses on ground verification of minerals derived from hyperspectral data. Spectral angle mapper (SAM) and spectral feature fitting (SFF) classification techniques were applied to obtain rule mineral images. The rule images provide weights that are utilized in(More)
The usefulness of online geological maps is hindered by linguistic barriers. Multilingual geoscience thesauri alleviate linguistic barriers of geological maps. However, the benefits of multilingual geoscience thesauri for online geological maps are less studied. In this regard, we developed a multilingual thesaurus of geological time scale (GTS) to(More)
Keywords: Reconciliation of geodata Geoscience terminology Organization structure Coding method Standards a b s t r a c t Semantic interoperability of mineral exploration geodata is a long-term concern in mining projects. Inconsistent conceptual schemas and heterogeneous professional terms among various geodata sources in a mining project often hinder their(More)
Geological maps are increasingly published and shared online, whereas tools and services supporting information retrieval and knowledge discovery are underdeveloped. In this study, we developed an ontology of geological time scale by using a RDF (Resource Description Framework) model to represent the ordinal hierarchical structure of the geological time(More)