Freek D. van der Meer

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Semantic interoperability of mineral exploration geodata is a long-term concern in mining projects. Inconsistent conceptual schemas and heterogeneous professional terms among various geodata sources in a mining project often hinder their efficient use and/or reuse. Our study of a controlled vocabulary focuses on interoperability of mineral exploration(More)
Edge operators are widely used on gray-level images and are recently improved to work with multispectral and even hyperspectral imagery. The high spectral information content in hyperspectral images allows a detailed description of boundaries and thus a supervised boundary detection. In this letter, we describe a template matching algorithm for the(More)
This paper presents a statistical method for deriving optimal spatial sampling schemes. It focuses on ground verification of minerals derived from hyperspectral data. Spectral angle mapper (SAM) and spectral feature fitting (SFF) classification techniques were applied to obtain rule mineral images. The rule images provide weights that are utilized in(More)