Fredrik Pettersson

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Turbo charged SI engines are a major possibility in the current trend of down-sized engines with preserved drivability performance. Considering control and supervision it is favorable to have a mean value model to be used e.g. in observer design. Such models of turbo engines are similar to those of naturally aspirated engines, but there are some special(More)
Software process improvement (SPI) is challenging, particularly for small and medium sized enterprises. Most existing SPI frameworks are either too expensive to deploy, or do not take an organizations' specific needs into consideration. There is a need for light weight SPI frameworks that enable practitioners to base improvement efforts on the issues that(More)
A new approach is presented for predicting ligand binding to proteins using hierarchical partial-least-squares regression to latent structures (Hi-PLS). Models were based on information from the 2002 release of the PDBbind database containing (after in-house refinement) high-resolution X-ray crystallography and binding affinity (Kd or Ki) data for 612(More)
This paper presents an empirical quality assessment of use cases with the purpose to provide defect data from industry. In the assessment, twelve criteria, based on earlier research, were applied to 43 use cases from Volvo Car Corporation developed according to current practice. The collected defect data were statistically analyzed to determine significant(More)
GOLDsurfer is a java-based analysis and graphics program for three-dimensional plotting of linkage disequilibrium (LD). Simultaneous presentation of LD measures, including recombination rate estimates and disease association statistics, helps to clarify LD patterns and facilitates interpretations based on multiple indices of local genetic data.
Proper information visualization has always been viewed as an important tool for research. Traditionally, however, it was regarded as only a tool, with information content and visualization analogous to an object and its representation, respectively. These days, visualization is increasingly seen as an integral part of information content , without which(More)
Today the lack of deliveries from suppliers to automotive OEMs in early phases of software development cause a number of problems such as misinterpreted requirements and difficulties in keeping deadlines. We have identified use cases as a means to communicate and visualize requirements. A well defined standard is needed to enable communication between(More)
The creation of an efficient public transport system requires collaborations between formal independent organizations. This paper examines collaborations between public and private organizations and passengers, with the aim of contributing to the conceptual understanding of collaborations on public transport. The study begins by describing previous research(More)