Fredrik Milani

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Oftentimes business processes exist not as singular entities that can be managed in isolation, but as families of variants that need to be managed together. When it comes to modelling these variants, analysts are faced with the dilemma of whether to model each variant separately or to model multiple or all variants as a single model. The former option leads(More)
It is common for organizations to maintain multiple variants of a given business process, such as multiple sales processes for different products or multiple bookkeeping processes for different countries. Conventional business process modeling languages do not explicitly support the representation of such families of process variants. This gap triggered(More)
Business processes usually do not exist as singular entities that can be managed in isolation, but rather as families of business process variants. When modelling such families of variants, analysts are confronted with the choice between modelling each variant separately, or modeling multiple or all variants in a single model. Modelling each variant(More)
This paper highlights the role of power electronics and digital control in the performance improvements of RFX (Reverse Field eXperiment), a toroidal device for plasma physics studies related to nuclear fusion research. Designed and built in the ‘80s, it started operation in early ‘90s, with the mission to explore the physics of Reverse Field(More)
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