Fredrik Lundell

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Cellulose nanofibrils can be obtained from trees and have considerable potential as a building block for biobased materials. In order to achieve good properties of these materials, the nanostructure must be controlled. Here we present a process combining hydrodynamic alignment with a dispersion-gel transition that produces homogeneous and smooth filaments(More)
The 1929 first edition of Applied Inorganic Analysis [1] was a classic of its time, commonly referred to as the " analyst's bible. " Co-authored by two Chief Chemists of the National Bureau of Standards, Gustav Ernst Fredrik Lundell and William Francis Hillebrand, the book represented the authors' comprehensive knowledge and broad practical experience. The(More)
Plants and animals use plumes, barbs, tails, feathers, hairs and fins to aid locomotion. Many of these appendages are not actively controlled, instead they have to interact passively with the surrounding fluid to generate motion. Here, we use theory, experiments and numerical simulations to show that an object with a protrusion in a separated flow drifts(More)
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