Fredrik Lund

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Digital pulse plethysmography (DPG) has proved a technically simple, noninvasive, sensitive and informative technique for studying the effects of nitroglycerin and other nitrates on peripheral arteries. The importance of performing nitrate evaluation by DPG mainly in elderly subjects is emphasized. On the basis of observations with DPG some indirect(More)
In a controlled study, corneal sensitivity, vibratory perception of the left index finger and great toe and achilles tendon reflex were examined in 100 diabetes patients and 100 controls. The result showed significantly reduced corneal sensitivity, vibratory perception and increased number of areflexi in the diabetic group. Furthermore, the decrease of(More)
marked nitrogen retention after the administration of H.G.H. to a patient with Cushing's syndrome. There are conflicting reports on the usefulness of measuring the metabolic response to H.G.H. in predicting the growth response to long-term H.G.H. therapy. Prader et al. (1964), using a dose of 2 mg./sq. m. body surface area daily (Raben preparation), found(More)
Since 1985 there has been an increase in the incidence of skeletal tuberculosis in Denmark. This increase is attributed to a high incidence of tuberculosis among HIV-positive patients, elderly people and the increasing number of immigrants from areas with endemic tuberculosis. We present a case of hand tuberculosis in a young Somali male adult, where the(More)
Sixty-eight knees in 62 patients wiht degenerative changes of the patellar joint surface, chondromalacia or arthrosis, were operated on with anterior displacement of the tibial tuberosity. Complications were encountered in no less than 22 joints and the results appeared to be somewhat related to these complications, particularly in women, even if a direct(More)
In a series of patients in whom the patello-femoral joint had been examined by arthroscopy, in conjunction with arthrotomy or both, previously obtained films were reviewed. A series of radiologic morphometric measurements with bearing on the shape of the patella and the patello-femoral joint was carried out and compared between patients who had normal(More)
Fifty eight patients with idiopathic chronic anal fissure were included in a randomised prospective trial of lateral subcutaneous sphincterotomy versus simple anal dilatation carried out as outpatient procedures. Operations were performed under local anaesthesia and the patients reviewed 10-30 months later (median follow up time 18 months). Altogether 30(More)
The present work represents an attempt to develop a method for measuring relative blood flow in intestinal capillaries, by the use of sodium fluorescein (Na-F) as an indicator substance. The method is called fluorescein flowmetry (FF). A mathematical model was developed; blood flow was expressed as an index between the maximum fluorescence obtained during(More)