Fredrik Lindblad

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This paper describes two Haskell libraries for property-based testing. Following the lead of QuickCheck, these testing libraries SmallCheck and Lazy SmallCheck also use type-based generators to obtain test-sets of finite values for which properties are checked, and report any counter-examples found. But instead of using a sample of randomly generated values(More)
Random testing is a powerful method for verifying program properties. However, as the complexity of the program and properties increases, writing customized input data generators quickly becomes necessary. We present a method for systematic generation of input data by lazy instantiation using meta variables and parallel partial evaluation of properties.(More)
We present a tool for automated theorem proving in Agda, an implementation of Martin-Löf’s intuitionistic type theory. The tool is intended to facilitate interactive proving by relieving the user from filling in simple but tedious parts of a proof. The proof search is conducted directly in type theory and produces proof terms. Any proof term is verified by(More)
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