Fredrik Jörgren

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AIM Despite advances in rectal cancer treatment, local recurrence (LR) remains a significant problem. To select high-risk patients for different treatment options aimed at reducing LR, it is essential to identify LR risk factors. METHOD Local recurrence and survival rates of 4153 patients registered 1995-1997 in the Swedish Rectal Cancer Registry were(More)
BACKGROUND Adenocarcinomas of the rectum shed viable cells, which have the ability to implant. Intraoperative rectal washout decreases the amount and viability of these cells, but there is no conclusive evidence of the effect of rectal washout on local recurrence after rectal cancer surgery. METHODS Data were analysed from a population-based registry of(More)
AIM The impact of anastomic leakage (AL) on the oncological outcome after anterior resection (AR) for rectal cancer is still controversial. We explored the impact of AL regarding local recurrence (LR), distant metastasis and overall recurrence (OAR). Overall and cancer-specific survival was analysed. METHOD Patients undergoing AR for rectal cancer with a(More)
Improved outcome after rectal cancer surgery requires identification of novel risk factors of tumour recurrence in order to personalise therapy, that is, enhanced selection of high-risk patients to additional radiochemotherapy or intensified follow-up. In several tumour types, including colorectal cancer, high expression of the membrane–cytoskeleton linker(More)
Identification of risk factors of poor oncological outcome in rectal cancer surgery is of utmost importance. This study examines the impact of incidental perforation on the oncological outcome. Using the Swedish Rectal Cancer Registry, patients were selected who received major abdominal surgery for rectal cancer between 1995 and 1997 with registered(More)
During rectal cancer surgery the bowel may contain viable, exfoliated cancer cells, a potential source for local recurrence (LR). The amount and viability of these cells can be reduced using intraoperative rectal washout, a procedure that reduces the LR risk after anterior resection. The aim of this study was to analyse the impact of washout on oncological(More)
BACKGROUND Founded in 1995, the Swedish Rectal Cancer Registry (SRCR) is frequently used for rectal cancer research. However, the validity of the registry has not been extensively studied. This study aims to validate a large amount of registry data to assess SRCR quality. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study comprises 906 patients treated with major abdominal(More)
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