Fredrik Gundelsweiler

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We seek to close the gap between software engineering (SE) and human-computer interaction (HCI) by indicating interdisciplinary interfaces throughout the different phases of SE and HCI lifecycles. As agile representatives of SE, Extreme Programming (XP) and Agile Modeling (AM) contribute helpful principles and practices for a common engineering approach. We(More)
In recent years, agile methods for software and web engineering have reached widespread acceptance in the community. In contrary to classic, heavy-weight software engineering processes like the V-model, agile methods (Ambler 2002) begin coding very early while having a shorter requirements engineering up-front as well as less documentation. Following the(More)
In this paper we describe a first version of ZEUS, a web application that combines browsing, searching and object presentation. With the zooming and panning based navigation concept of ZEUS and a hierarchical organization of the information space we try to solve the problems of information overload. It has to be evaluated if categorization, zooming and a(More)
Corporate software development faces very demanding challenges, especially concerning the user interface of a software system. Collaborative design with stakeholders demands informal modeling methods that everybody can understand and apply. But using traditional, paper-based methods to gather and document requirements, an IT organization often experiences(More)
Die Quantität, Dimensionalität und Multimedialität heutiger Informationsräume stellt bei der Suche, Exploration und Navigation große Anforderungen an die Gestaltung der Mensch-Computer Interaktion. Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs) bieten dabei neue Möglichkeiten für ein benutzergerechteres Design. Am Beispiel von ZUI Konzepten für die Navigation und Suche in(More)
This paper presents our work on an operational semantic image retrieval prototype. The original image database consists of more than 600.000 images and metadata sets. Our prototype is working with a subset of 13.421 images which we use for test purposes. The main problems we are confronted with are the amount of data and therefore the location of an item of(More)