Fredrik G Bäcklund

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Herein, we demonstrate that it is possible to rapidly screen hydrophobic fluorescent aromatic molecules with regards to their properties as amyloid probes. By grinding the hydrophobic molecule with the amyloidogenic protein insulin, we obtained a water-soluble composite material. When this material is dissolved and exposed to conditions promoting amyloid(More)
Many proteins undergoe self-assembly into fibrillar structures known as amyloid fibrils. During the self-assembly process, related structures known as spherulites can be formed. Herein we report a facile method where the balance between amyloid fibrils and spherulites can be controlled by stirring of the reaction mixture during the initial stages of the(More)
Herein we utilize insulin to prepare amyloid based chiral helices with either right or left handed helicity. We demonstrate that the helices can be utilized as structural templates for the conducting polymer alkoxysulfonate poly(ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT-S). The chirality of the helical assembly is transferred to PEDOT-S as demonstrated by polarized(More)
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