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Cr/Sc and Ni/V multilayers, intended as normal incidence soft x-ray mirrors and Brewster angle polarizers, have been synthesized by employing a novel modulated low-energy and high-flux ion assistance as a means of engineering the interfaces between the subnanometer layers on an atomic scale during magnetron sputter deposition. To reduce both roughness and(More)
Cr/Sc multilayer mirrors, synthesized by ion-assisted magnetron sputter deposition, are proved to have a high near-normal reflectivity of R = 14.5% at a grazing angle of 87.5 degrees measured at the wavelength lambda = 3.11 nm, which is an improvement of more than 31% compared with previously published results. Elastic recoil detection analyses show that(More)
Cr/Sc multilayer X-ray mirrors intended for normal incidence reflection in the water window wavelength range, l1⁄4 1⁄22:424:4 nm ; have been grown by ion-assisted sputter deposition and characterized using soft and hard X-ray reflectivity. By extracting low-energy ions, with energies, Eion; ranging from 9 to 113 eV and with ion-to-metal flux ratios, F ,(More)
A new fabrication procedure for integration of ultraviolet transparent pure-silica planar waveguides, fiber couplers and high-aspect ratio submicrometer channels is presented. Only a single photolithographic mask step is required. The channels are 80-90 microm deep and the width can be reduced to about 0.5 microm, corresponding to a height-to-width ratio of(More)
Hans Högberg, Lina Tengdelius, Mattias Samuelsson, Fredrik Eriksson, Esteban Broitman, Jun Lu, Jens Jensen and Lars Hultman, Reactive sputtering of delta-ZrH2 thin films by high power impulse magnetron sputtering and direct current magnetron sputtering, 2014, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, (32), 4, 041510.(More)
The influence of B4C incorporation during magnetron sputter deposition of Cr/Sc multilayers intended for soft X-ray reflective optics is investigated. Chemical analysis suggests formation of metal: boride and carbide bonds which stabilize an amorphous layer structure, resulting in smoother interfaces and an increased reflectivity. A near-normal incidence(More)
Multilayered Al/Cu/Fe thin films have been deposited by magnetron sputtering onto Si and Al2O3 substrates with a nominal global composition corresponding to the quasicrystalline phase, 5:2:1. Subsequent annealing was performed on samples up to 710 °C. It is found that when using Si as substrate a film-substrate reaction occurs already below 390 °C, where Si(More)
Cr-Ti multilayers with ultrashort periods of 1.39-2.04 nm have been grown for the first time as highly reflective, soft-x-ray multilayer, near-normal incidence mirrors for transition radiation and Cherenkov radiation x-ray sources based on the Ti-2p absorption edge at E = 452 eV (lambda = 2.74 nm). Hard, as well as soft, x-ay reflectivity and transmission(More)
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