Fredrik Engström

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We introduce generalized quantifiers, as defined in Tarskian semantics by Mostowski and Lindström, in logics using the Hodges semantics, e.g., IF-logic and dependence logic. For this we introduce the multivalued dependence atom and observe the similarities with the, by Väänänen and Grädel, newly introduced independence atom.
A satisfaction class is a set of nonstandard sentences respecting Tarski’s truth definition. We are mainly interested in full satisfaction classes, i.e., satisfaction classes which decides all nonstandard sentences. Kotlarski, Krajewski and Lachlan proved in 1981 that a countable model of PA admits a satisfaction class if and only if it is recursively(More)
Dependence logic is a new logic which incorporates the notion of “dependence”, as well as “independence” between variables into first-order logic. In this thesis, we study extensions and variants of dependence logic on the first-order, propositional and modal level. In particular, the role of intuitionistic connectives in this setting is emphasized. We(More)
Computable versions of Kolmogorov complexity have been used in the context of pattern discovery [1]. However, these complexity measures do not take the psychological dimension of pattern discovery into account. We propose a method for pattern discovery based on a version of Kolmogorov complexity where computations are restricted to a cognitive model with(More)
We prove two completeness results, one for the extension of dependence logic by a monotone generalized quantifier Q with weak interpretation, weak in the meaning that the interpretation of Q varies with the structures. The second result considers the extension of dependence logic where Q is interpreted as “there exists uncountable many.” Both of the(More)
Let (M,X ) |= ACA0 be such that PX , the collection of all unbounded sets in X , admits a definable complete ultrafilter and let T be a theory extending first order arithmetic coded in X such that M thinks T is consistent. We prove that there is an end-extension N |= T of M such that the subsets of M coded in N are precisely those in X . As a special case(More)
Recursive saturation and resplendence are two important notions in models of arithmetic. Kaye, Kossak, and Kotlarski introduced the notion of arithmetic saturation and argued that recursive saturation might not be as rigid as first assumed. In this thesis we give further examples of variations of recursive saturation, all of which are connected with(More)