Fredrik Boberg

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Multilayer feed-forward neural network models are developed to make three-hour predictions of the planetary magnetospheric index. The input parameters for the networks are the -component of the interplanetary magnetic field, the solar wind density , and the solar wind velocity , given as three-hour averages. The networks are trained with the error(More)
The Swedish Defence Research Agency is currently conducting research aiming at the creation of a Net­ work Based Defence (NBD). This research includes areas such as GPS/INS navigation and collaboration of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV:s). A large problem with navigation systems that use GPS is that, due to the possibility of satellite out­ ages, there are(More)
Space Weather refers to conditions in space that can influence technological systems and endanger human health and life. In this article we discuss real-time predictions, of solar and geo space weather, and the effects. Our predictions are based on knowledge-based neurocomputing. A presentation is given of the forecast service prototype, that we have(More)
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