Fredrik Berntsson

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We consider an inverse heat conduction problem, the Sideways Heat Equation, which is a model of a problem, where one wants to determine the temperature on both sides of a thick wall, but where one side is inaccessible to measurements. Mathematically it is formulated as a Cauchy problem for the heat equation in a quarter plane, with data given along the line(More)
In this paper we present a one-dimensional model of blood flow in a vessel segment with an elastic wall consisting of several anisotropic layers. The model involves two variables: the radial displacement of the vessel's wall and the pressure, and consists of two coupled equations of parabolic and hyperbolic type. Numerical simulations on a straight segment(More)
In this paper, we introduce the concept of parameter identification problems , which are inverse problems, as a methodology to inpainting. More specifically, as a first study in this new direction, we generalize the method of harmonic inpainting by studying an elliptic equation in divergence form where we assume that the diffusion coefficient is unknown. As(More)
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