Fredrik Bergh

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A VLSI implementation of an electronic circuit is presented that estimates the shift between two overlapping one-dimensional pictures. This information can for instance be used to compute distance in stereo vision. The main novelty of this particular circuit is that it performs part of the computation on time domain encoded signals. It translates the analog(More)
Traffic congestion is a large and growing problem in many countries due to an ever increasing number of vehicles. Increasing capacity by simply extending the road infrastructure is in many places impossible due to space and cost limitations. Everyday, people spend countless hours in car queues all over the world. The existing road infrastructure must be(More)
because of quick losing of diversity. In order to enhance its performance, this paper proposes a new algorithm, called DCSQPSO, which employs a diversity-controlled into QPSO enhancing mechanism and local search strategies to improve the solution quality. A comprehensive experimental study is conducted on a set of benchmark functions, Comparison results(More)
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