Fredrik Åström

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This article discusses the potential consequences of implementing bibliometrics as an institutionalized practice in academic libraries. Results are reported from a survey distributed among academic libraries in Sweden with organized bibliometric activities. Incorporating bibliometric activities is seen as a way of redefining and widening of the role of the(More)
5 Foreword The origin of this Festschrift could be traced to a few March days in Hundested, Denmark, in 2001. The event taking place in this small fishing town in the northern parts of Sealand was a PhD course in bibliometrics organized by Professor Olle Persson together with professors Peter Ingwersen and Irene Wormell. Apart from being an excellent(More)
Introduction. Along with the great expansion of research being published in Open Access (OA) journals over the last decade, the interest for analysing the OA literature using informetric methods has also increased. Most studies have focused on the citation impact of OA journals and whether OA publishing increases the chances of a research publication being(More)