Fredrick Lindgren

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Antibodies in sera from newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) patients are directed to a human islet cell protein of relative molecular mass (Mr) 64,000. Since IDDM seems to develop after a prodromal period of beta-cell autoimmunity, this study has examined whether 64,000 Mr antibodies could be detected in 14 individuals who(More)
In order to investigate the function of the inner ear melanin, the relationship between skin pigmentation and noise-induced temporary hearing loss (TTS) was studied. Forty-four normal-hearing Caucasian subjects were divided into three groups according to their sun sensitivity. Hearing thresholds before and after exposure were ascertained with a computerized(More)
Lipoprotein mass concentrations were measured by analytical ultracentrifugation in a subset of 57 hypercholesterolaemic male participants in the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Type II Coronary Intervention Study. 2-year changes in levels of intermediate-density lipoproteins (IDL) of flotation rate 12-20 were strongly predictive of progression of(More)
Ten voluntary subjects were exposed to 10 min of recorded pop music on five occasions. On five other occasions these subjects were exposed to a noise with level-, frequency-, and time-distribution characteristics, measured in octave-band steps, equal to those of the music. Measurements of temporary threshold shift showed almost equal sensitivity to the two(More)
In order to investigate the function of the inner ear melanin, noise-induced temporary hearing loss (temporary threshold shift, TTS) was studied in humans with either blue or brown iris colour. Sixty-eight normally hearing teenage boys participated in this study. Hearing thresholds before and after exposure were established with a computerized sweep(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability and comparability of the commercially available insert earphone Etymotic Research ER-3A and the commonly available supra-aural TDH earphone. Thirteen subjects were tested five times with the ER-3A and five times with TDH-49P with MX-41/AR cushions. Threshold determinations were obtained utilizing a(More)
Several factors indicate the possibility of sensorineural hearing loss in connection with pop music. However, very few investigations have examined the hearing in pop musicians and their audience. Sensorineural hearing loss was only demonstrated in 5% of musicians. In our own material, we found a sensorineural hearing loss in 13% defined as a mean pure-tone(More)
Relatively few investigations have so far reported on the hearing in pop musicians. In summary, these have shown a sensorineural hearing loss in 5%. This study was carried out on 83 professionals working with pop music. Depending upon how hearing loss is defined, we found a sensorineural loss in 13-30% of the pop musicians. Hearing losses were slight. It(More)
Hearing thresholds were determined in 83 'pop' musicians with an average age of 26 years, average exposure time of 9 years and average weekly exposure time of 18 hours. The following factors had a statistically significant influence (p 95) on hearing: ageing, brief exposure per session, long exposure time in years (2 kHz), participation in military service(More)