Fredrich Hayek

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Normal and malignant cells shed from their surface membranes as well as secrete from the endosomal membrane compartment circular membrane fragments called microvesicles (MV). MV that are released from viable cells are usually smaller in size compared to the apoptotic bodies derived from damaged cells and unlike them do not contain fragmented DNA. Growing(More)
1 " The efforts of men are utilized in two different ways: they are directed to the production or transformation of economic goods, or else to the appropriation of goods produced by others. "-Vilfredo Pareto (1905) 2 ". .. the executioner's face is always well hidden. " – Bob Dylan Suppose that after signing a limitation agreement with Boratonia,(More)
A model where a portion of the population participates in illegal activities is developed. The propensity to participate in crimes depends on the probability and the opportunity cost of being arrested. The government can influence these variables by law enforcement expenditures and by social transfers. We analyze the cost minimizing policy mix and the(More)
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