Frederiques Penault-Llorca

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F. Cardoso1*, A. Costa2,3, L. Norton4, E. Senkus5, M. Aapro6, F. André7, C. H. Barrios8, J. Bergh9, L. Biganzoli10, K. L. Blackwell11, M. J. Cardoso12, T. Cufer13, N. El Saghir14, L. Fallowfield15, D. Fenech16, P. Francis17, K. Gelmon18, S. H. Giordano19, J. Gligorov20, A. Goldhirsch21, N. Harbeck22, N. Houssami23, C. Hudis24, B. Kaufman25, I. Krop26, S.(More)
In February 2011, a group of pathologists from different departments in Europe met in Zurich, Switzerland, to discuss opportunities and challenges for pathology in the era of personalized medicine. The major topics of the meeting were assessment of the role of pathology in personalized medicine, its future profile among other biomedical disciplines with an(More)
F. Cardoso*, A. Costa, E. Senkus, M. Aapro, F. André, C. H. Barrios, J. Bergh, G. Bhattacharyya, L. Biganzoli, M. J. Cardoso, L. Carey, D. Corneliussen-James, G. Curigliano, V. Dieras, N. El Saghir, A. Eniu, L. Fallowfield, D. Fenech, P. Francis, K. Gelmon, A. Gennari, N. Harbeck, C. Hudis, B. Kaufman, I. Krop, M. Mayer, H. Meijer, S. Mertz, S. Ohno, O.(More)
The challenges faced in developing value-based diagnostics has resulted in few of these tests reaching the clinic, leaving many treatment modalities without matching diagnostics to select patients for particular therapies. Many patients receive therapies from which they are unlikely to benefit, resulting in worse outcomes and wasted health care resources.(More)
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