Frederik von Briel

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With open innovation, firms look for ideas and their execution outside organizational boundaries—for example, through collaboration with suppliers and customers, and sometimes also with competitors. Open innovation thus distributes the innovation process and can result in improved innovativeness, minimized innovation-related risks and external(More)
Fundraisers expect to raise as much funds as possible even after they have reached initial threshold of funding goal. This study focuses on the degree of project success defined as the total amount of funds a project can obtain after it is already successful (reached the initial threshold of funding goal). Drawing upon the theory of crowd capital, this(More)
T he use of enterprise social media (ESM) is becoming more commonplace for retailers today.1,2 ESM, such as IBM Connections, Jive, and Yammer, are collaborative software platforms that enable an organization’s employees to connect and collaborate, both individually and in groups.3 Most ESM provides functionality such as messaging, document sharing and(More)
The major challenge of European Union’s agricultural industry is to ensure sustainable supply of quality food that meets the demands of a rapidly growing population, changing dietary patterns, increased competition for land use, and environmental concerns. Investments in research and innovation, which facilitate integration of external knowledge in food(More)
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